7 Ways to Improve Your Gross Score With CBD Products & 8 Breathtaking Manchester Golf Courses

Before we dive deep into the ways to improve your gross score, tune into a live PGA tour event and more specifically one that Phil Mickelson is playing in and watch what his mouth is doing… More on that to come.

Golf is one of the fastest growing sports in the United Kingdom (UK), especially in England and more importantly Manchester where there are eight neighbouring golf courses within driving distance of one another. Even if we look at the stats for Europe, the country holding the largest number of registered golf courses is England with 1,872 whilst Germany comes in second with 731 and Scotland falls in third place at 560. Aside from the registered golf courses in Europe, there are literally thousands more that are not.

Combined, registered and non-registered golf courses in the UK paint a good portion of the countryside with lush and sprawling greens, making it a popular place to play golf for both amateur and professional players alike. The United Kingdom is also a PGA Tour destination and has four Open Championship Venues.

With all that being said, you’re probably wondering what CBD products have to do with improving your golf game?

The Answer According to Pro Golfers is Like Getting a Hole-in-One Every Round.

Pro golfers who are publicly using and endorsing CBD products, Bubba Watson as a prime example, make CBD a go to for everyone; therefore, when they personally recommend certain CBD products like the ones readily available at Chill Brother CBD, fans listen and buy them by the thousands.

CBD has been scientifically proven to work as a pain-relieving agent; however, pain relief is just one of the many benefits of CBD. Both broad spectrum CBD and full spectrum CBD products are being used today more than ever by professional athletes and none are more prevalent than in the world of professional golf.

What do most golfers want?

Longer, Straighter and more consistent shots!

And this is where CBD is unique and quite honestly will do more for your game than a new 500-pound driver.

But besides pain relief, CBD products are also known for having overall health and wellness properties. In the game of golf, cognitive functions such as focus, concentration, and timing coupled with the ability to think ahead are key elements for a competitive edge during these stressful tournaments coupled with pressure and high-stakes on the line. According to many pro golfers on the PGA Tour, having CBD in your golf bag is like driving a hole-in-one.

Professional golfers currently holding a PGA Tour Card who are using and endorsing CBD products include the following players, but are not limited to:

  • Phil Mickelson: A San Diego native, 51-time PGA Tour Champion, and 5-time Major Champion who openly took CBD oil during the 2019 Masters is known worldwide as one of the best golfers to ever play the game. Mickelson is also among an elite group of just 12 players in the world who have won three of the four Majors. He utilises CBD oil as his secret weapon to treat his diagnosis of psoriatic arthritis, which makes perfect sense because CBD oil is known for containing anti-inflammatory properties. If CBD oil can keep an aging and veteran golfer like “Lefty” in today’s competitive game with a current world ranking of 66th place, it must be some wicked-good stuff.
  • Tiger Woods: Officially born as Eldrick Tont (Tiger) Woods in Cypress, CA. Tiger Woods is in many people’s opinion, the greatest golfer of all time. Woods is currently in 10th place among the world rankings and has won numerous championships including five Masters, four PGA Championships, three US Open Championships, and three Open Championships. Tiger Woods discovered that CBD gum helps to calm his nerves down and gives him that competitive edge required for winning Major Championships. As a matter of fact, he even has his own brand name and was chewing it when he stunned the world and won the 2019 Masters.
  • Marc Leishman: A native Australian golfer who now lives in the United States. Leishman has a world ranking of 15th on the PGA Tour. His introduction to CBD began in 2015 when his wife had a “near death experience” and became hospitalized. CBD products aided in her recovery and as a result, they started the Begin Again Foundation together.
  • Paige Spiranac: An American female professional golfer and popular social media host with a world ranking of less than the Top 1000, but on the backstroke, she earned a spot on this list because she does have over 2 million followers on Instagram and is a strong advocate of CBD. Spiranac has numerous online videos where she explains how the positive effects of CBD products helped with her diet, fitness, and competitive nature.
  • Bubba Watson: A US professional golfer who currently ranks 46th on the PGA Tour. Watson is a left-handed golfer that has won multiple Championships including victories at the 2012 and 2014 Masters Tournament. Watson is the first high-profile golfer that has endorsed and invested in CBD products. He has also made it public knowledge that he has felt the powerful effects of CBD firsthand.
  • Lucas Glover: A South Carolina native and US golfer that has a current PGA world ranking of 84th place. Glover has one Championship under his belt that he won at the 2009 US Open. Following his 2009 Championship, his wife was sadly arrested for domestic violence. Glover uses and endorses CBD products because he claims they helped him cope with his personal problems. He attributes CBD products for aiding with his sleeplessness, anxiety, and post-workout recovery.

How Broad and Full Spectrum CBD Products Improve Your Golf Game

Current research on CBD products suggest that both full and broad-spectrum CBD products aid golfers with reduced inflammation whilst achieving a sense of calmness that improves their game. Furthermore, every golfer knows that being nervous or anxious can throw your game off.

Today, CBD products are legal in many countries including the UK. They have become a secret weapon for several pro golfers who use them on a daily regiment for a wide range of reasons from post-play stiffness and difficulty sleeping to workout routines, improved focus, and nervousness, which happens to be the number one reason why both amateur and pro golfers shoot over par.

Here are seven ways that CBD products may improve your golf game:

  1. Improved Sleep: A lack of sleep is every golfer’s worse nightmare, and for golfers living with anxiety, chronic pain, and insomnia, full spectrum CBD products can serve as a beneficial sleep aid. Taking a steady dose of CBD before bedtime can help you to relax and fall asleep faster, resulting in better shot decisions and less time spent in the sand traps.
  2. Reduced Inflammation and Pain: Pro golfers suffer from the same arthritic inflammations that amateurs do; therefore, there are several pro golfers on the PGA Tour living with back and neck pain. CBD products are used by PGA Champions to treat a number of chronic pain conditions generally associated with playing 18 holes of golf on a weekly basis. A lot of golfers use CBD cream to help with localised pain, in addition to, either full or broad-spectrum CBD products for faster post-round recovery times.
  3. Reduced Anxiety: Research and clinical case studies have shown that CBD products reduce blood pressure and heart rate whilst offering its users an all-natural calming effect. Taking a dose of CBD before you tee off reduces your anxiety levels during a round. The most widely used products by pro golfers are CBD capsules and oil. Both offer long-term benefits and the effects can be felt for the entire round. Since CBD has been scientifically proven to reduce anxiety, order some today from Chill Brother CBD and drop three shots off your next round.
  4. Enhanced Focus: Staying focused on the golf course is a key factor in your decision making and how your game ends. If you’re not focused, two double bogies early in the round can set you back and make it more challenging than it should be. CBD products enhance your focus, resulting in better shots, birdies, and eagles. Additionally, they keep you relaxed and prevent certain symptoms from flaring up during your round.
  5. Reduces Calluses: It’s not uncommon to see professional golfers wearing gloves and designer shoes made for comfort and grip, but golfers also wear special gloves and shoes to prevent calluses from forming. Calluses can be painful and can even stop you from playing. The best way to deal with calluses from golfing is to rub a CBD topical cream over the affected area. CBD topicals can reduce the occurrence of calluses, provide pain relief, and minimizes flare ups, keeping your mind on the round and not the pain typically associated with calluses.
  6. Minimizes Muscle Tension: Eighteen holes of golf usually takes about four hours to play. During those four hours, your body is subjected to a wide range of physical activity that involves every muscle in your body. CBD oil has the potential to prevent cell damage and minimizes muscle tension. Taking CBD before a round of golf keeps your joints and muscles loose, resulting in pain-free swings and improved gross scores.
  7. Improved Mood: Showing up for a round of golf in a bad mood is a surefire way to have your game end with less than favourable scores. CBD products can help you to stay calm and focused whilst improving your overall mood, resulting in lower scores and less time feeling like Happy Gilmore.

CBD Products Are Changing the Game of Golf in Manchester

Forget about training videos and gadgets you’ve seen on infomercials geared at improving your game. The most important weapon in a pro golfer’s bag today isn’t made of lightweight steel or carbon fiber. Rather, it comes in the form of CBD gummies, CBD capsules, water soluble CBD, CBD infused massage oil, CBD balm, and CBD oil.

If you’re planning on golfing in Manchester and want to avoid a bogey on a Par 4 whilst improving your gross score, skip on over to where the pros go before they tee off at Chill Brother CBD and get the highest quality full spectrum CBD and broad-spectrum CBD products currently available in the UK.

Chill Brother CBD is conveniently located at 23 Norfolk Ave, Denton, Manchester M34 2NW. Here at Chill Brother CBD, our high-quality CBD products are changing the game of golf in Manchester whilst improving scores across the green for both novice and professional golfers.

We provide a full line of competitively priced CBD products that we manufacture ourselves and are lab-tested by a third-party analytical testing facility, ensuring our customers with the full CBD experience.

Below are eight breathtaking and challenging golf courses with provided links to help you with booking your reservations whilst learning more about these stunning Manchester golf courses:

  • Brookdale Golf Club Manchester: An undulating 18-hole golf course originally founded in 1896 as the Clayton Golf Club that offers breathtaking views where a winding River Medlock runs through six holes, making this course a challenge at best.
  • Ashton Under Lyne Golf Club Manchester: A par 70 and 18-hole course built in 1913 and one of the best low/medium to high handicap courses in Manchester. The fairways provide a lot of up and down slopes with some tricky greens nestled on a wooded course near the Penines’ foothills.
  • Stamford Golf Club Manchester: Constructed in 1901 on Parkland and Moorland terrain from old farmlands. It was originally designed as a 9-hole course, but today this par 70 course features 18-holes where remnants of neighbouring cottages and old farmhouses rest alongside tree-lined fairways that are clearly visible from the 8th tee.
  • Romiley Golf Course Manchester: One of the finest par 70 golf courses in Manchester with a double loop of 9-holes that ends at the clubhouse. One of the most challenging aspects of this course on the 6th tee, which is a par 4 dog-leg that requires a solid drive off the tee followed by a tricky shot over a valley back up to the green.
  • Heaton Moor Golf Club: Is a 6000 yard, 18-hole par 70 parkland golf course built in 1892, and it’s one of the oldest courses in Manchester. It features two separate 9-hole courses that tee off at the clubhouse and ends at the 19th hole. Designed with several tricky bunkers and narrow fairways, this course provides a little bit of something for everyone.
  • Denton Golf Club: Constructed in 1909, this is an 18-hole par 71 (6488 yards) golf course designed to test the skills of experienced golfers. It is renowned as one of the best parkland courses in Manchester that requires some long and straight drives to get over the streams. The fairways and greens are well-maintained, and this golf course is just a short distance from Chill Brother CBD.
  • Northenden Golf Club: Is a superb 18-hole and sprawling 72 par parkland course that was built in 1913. The course was reconstructed in 2005 to comply with USGA standards. This 6460-yard course features subtle borrows and slopes that befuddle golfers and can be a challenge to master, even for the pros. The Northenden offers a picturesque and pristine landscape where you can test your skills year-round.
  • Charlton-cum-hardy Golf Club: Built in 1903 and designed as an 18-hole 70 par parkland course features a 13th century clubhouse called Barlow Hall. This course offers long fairways and rolling greens with wooded tree lines that can be difficult to navigate. The most challenging component to this 5994-yard course is the par 5 (452 yard) 16th tee, which requires long drives around tricky landscape.

Buy CBD Products in Confidence at Chill Brother CBD

Here at Chill Brother CBD, we provide a robust assortment of high-quality CBD products that not only improves your golf game, but also enhances your quality of life. For more information about our CBD products and shipping, call us at +44 7854 110617 or simply visit our shop by clicking here now.

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