Anxiety/Depression Within Our Public Services

Recent studies have reported higher than average levels of unhappiness and anxiety among today’s public service staff. A growing number of them have had to take time off to deal with mental issues and their growing anxiety is often associated with their less than ideal working conditions. Lack of support from management and tight working schedule play a big role, yet, police officers, health staff, military personnel and firemen need be ready 24/7 to serve the public, which can be tedious and stressful.

     The UK government revealed startling facts in a report titled “Thriving at Work: a Review of Mental Health and Employers” in 2017. The report stated that more than 300,000 public service and private workers leave their jobs each year due to mental issues. This comes with financially expensive consequences, costing employers around £42 billion each year.        

Anxiety\Depression can cause a wide range of problems within our public service staff including:

Over-Thinking- the level of anxiety could be quite significant that public service staff take much longer to make decisions. This can make them less effective at their jobs and possibly put themselves or others in danger. If they start having the same problem when making very minor decisions, then it is possible that anxiety has set in.

Unable To Speak Out About Concerns- workers with anxiety may think that everything is a threat and something could go wrong. They are usually reluctant to talk about these concerns. Until it becomes clear that everyone is also feeling the same, public service workers may fear the outright rejection if they attempt to discuss the problem.

Exhaustion- constant anxiety is exhausting both mentally and physically. Workers are often stressed and nervous about things around them. After such a stressful period ends, it is likely for them to feel tired. The elevated stress response triggers the release of cortisol and our body tends to use up energy more quickly.Cognitive Issues- anxiety problems impair cognitive performance. Although anxiety won’t make people lose their mind, this mental issue could disrupt their thinking process. Public service workers will be more error-prone and feel less clear-headed. Sometimes, the solution is only by taking some deep breaths and taking a step back mentally before handling the stressful situation. However, the fast-paced workplace in the public service sector doesn’t give workers enough time to pause even for a moment. This is where 10% Mellow Relax Chill from Chill Brother can be useful. By helping people relax naturally with less stress, depression and anxiety, 10% Mellow Relax Chill can make you feel more like yourself again.

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