Bioavailability Explained

Water-Soluble CBD gives Better Bioavailability!

Want to supplement with CBD but hate the taste? Our water-soluble CBD blend has the answer!

We appreciate the difficulty of the title here… Just what exactly is bioavailability? We’ll cover that in a moment. In the meantime, focus on this: you can now take your daily dose of CBD in water or food, without the harsh taste that puts some people off. In fact, the new Chill Brother blend of water-soluble CBD tastes better than any other CBD oil you have tried so far.

Today, we want to take an in-depth look at bioavailability. Exactly what is it and how it impacts your CBD supplements? Let’s inspect and see (as always) what the science says.

What is CBD “Bioavailability”?

This one needs a little etymology to work it out. The ‘Bio’ part of the word suggests that it affects biological systems. That’s us, we human beings, as well as other creatures that have endocannabinoid receptors in their brains. Although we might not think it, humans aren’t the only creatures that evolved with a diet that incorporates plants containing CBD.

In fact – this is a new one to us, as well – studies from September of 2019 record the presence of endocannabinoid receptors in the brain is ‘pervasive in mammalian species’. In laymen’s terms, this means that most mammals have brains that have evolved to process the eating of cannabis plants. We bet you just learned that today… so did we.

Anyway, we are getting off-topic. The phrase ‘bioavailability’ means how ‘available’ a substance is to our body after we ingest it. For example; we always advise that you take your CBD dose by applying your drops under the tongue. We don’t advise this because it tastes funny, we advise this because this is where it will be bodily absorbed the fastest.

When you take CBD oil in this way, a fair amount of it is swallowed. Other, less trustworthy brands might advise you to put the drops of oil in food or tea. When you ingest CBD in this way you lose a large part of its goodness as it is processed through the digestive system. The human digestive system often breaks the beneficial parts of CBD down in the liver, metabolizing it… but doing you no favours.

So instead of telling you to eat CBD oil, we tell you to take it under the tongue. This is a place in the body where the highest percentage of nutritional goodness can be absorbed. We will talk about why that happens in a moment. First, a quick reminder that our water-soluble products bypass this, all together, to give you maximum bioavailability.

Water Soluble CBD Sprays

With all this in mind, the folk at our labs have been on a mission to create a method of imbibing their high-quality CBD while retaining as much bioavailability as possible. Our CBD massage oils, for example, are a great way to get the benefits of CBD directly to the source of pain – but they don’t work internally. Our lab conquered this and came up with water-soluble spray CBD, that will dissolve and infuse into food or water.

Upon listening to feedback from clients, Chill Brother know that there are plenty of people out there desperate to try CBD supplementation. Unfortunately, a lot of them are put off by the strong taste. The taste of CBD comes from the mix of terpenes that make it… A terpene is a chemical compound that gives a substance its taste and smell.

Acting on this, our team extracted some of the same terpenes you find naturally occurring in CBD. They added these terpenes to a fresh batch, in order to make the fresh batch taste better. Our full-spectrum CBD oil contains over forty terpenes, each of them capable of affecting the flavour. Some taste better than others, so the lab had to isolate the best tasting terpenes.

In particular, the two terpenes extracted were pinene and limonene. As you can imagine, pinene is also found in the refreshing smell of a pine forest. Limonene is the citrus smell of lemons. So… our water-soluble CBD spray tastes a little like a fresh breeze through a forest of lemon trees on a sun-baked afternoon: according to science!

You can pick some up to try for yourself by following this link. Let us know if you taste something different!

Bioavailability of CBD Oil Vs CBD Spray

So what makes this spray so different? We hear you ask. Well; when you eat CBD oil, the liver metabolizes it into different compounds, meaning you don’t get the full benefit of the natural cannabinoid.

When you apply it under the tongue, however, the oil bypasses your digestive system and goes into the bloodstream. Leaving you with all the nutritional goodness. Unfortunately, a percentage of this goodness will always be lost when you take CBD oil by sublingual administration (the formal way of saying you apply it under the tongue). It is lost because you will swallow it.

The CBD Spray manages to bypass digestion in a similar way. The spray disperses the water-soluble solution into molecules so small that they are absorbed through the mucus membrane of the cell walls in your mouth, almost instantly. The absorption rate is therefore much higher than it is with oil.

What Makes the Chill Brother CBD Spray Special?

That higher absorption rate means you get more bang for your buck. You can choose a lower strength of CBD spray than you would an oil because your body catches more use from it. Less is lost to digestion and you receive the whole 100% of your dose.

At a glance, here are some of the key takeaways about our CBD sprays:

  • Vegan-friendly, non-GMO, heavy metal and pesticide-free.
  • 750 mg of CBD per bottle, which equates to around 13 mg per pump.
  • Each bottle contains about 60 pumps.
  • Totally edible, drinkable, and sized to fit in a pocket or handbag.
  • We recommend 1-2 pumps per day sprayed onto food, into water, or straight into the mouth.
  • RDA is no more than 5 pumps per day.

When you choose CBD sprays instead of oils, you get up to 100% bioavailability. This is easier on your pocket because you need less, and your body keeps more!

So if CBD oil leaves a bad taste in your mouth but you’d still like to give it a try, use a CBD spray instead. It might just make your day.

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