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CBD as an Aid Against Insomnia

Do you struggle to get to sleep at night? CBD might be the missing ingredient in your biochemistry.

The fact is that many of us still hold a bit of a stigma towards CBD – and we shouldn’t. Study after study has shown us that it is an effective tool in our arsenal against insomnia… and some of us do have a whole arsenal.

If sweet dreams are a struggle for you and a full night’s sleep is a thing of the past, turn to Chill Brother. We have everything from CBD massage Oil to CBD Gummies. All of them have one thing in common: they are supplements made to make you feel better. If insomnia is what plagues you, then pay attention! Let’s talk about how CBD fights insomnia – according to science!

CBD: What it is and what it does?

We have covered exactly what CBD is in the past, as well as spending time trying to dispel a few common CBD myths. Let’s do a brief recap so we are all up-to-speed.

CBD is one of the phytocannabinoids found in the cannabis plant. There are more than a hundred of these compounds found in the cannabis species (or genus) of the plant. There are also cannabinoids in different plants, such as the hemp plant, which is the same species but a bit different. The bottom line is that we can get CBD from more than one strain of plant.

Without going into too much detail, CBD doesn’t contain any of the parts of a cannabis plant that make you high. It isn’t psychoactive (it doesn’t make you feel queasy, strange, or freaked out) so you can take it and go about your day as normal. In short: CBD lets you get all of the good parts of the plant, without ingesting anything suspicious.

Cannabis Wasn’t Always Illegal

Cannabis, CBD included, wasn’t always illegal. Before an American media campaign villainised it, human beings had it as a natural part of their diet. We see scientific evidence of this in the human body. We have cannabinoid receptors in our brains that were specifically developed to process, or use up, the goodness found in these plants.

Basically, while humans evolved, cannabis/hemp was such a large part of their diet that they grew parts of the brain to accommodate it. Arguably, putting back in what has been lost in the last few decades, only serves to right a wrong we all forgot about.

At the moment, on-going research is still looking into all the benefits and uses of this forgotten part of the plant. Since it was demonised early in the age of drug trials, it hasn’t really been tested much. However, two or three years ago CBD oil experienced a surge in popularity – and testing commenced. Now we have much more information on what it does to our bodies.

So… with all this in mind… Can CBD oil help us to sleep at night?

Let’s find out what the science says.

CBD Oil and Sleep

We touched on this briefly in another blog. When we looked at CBD and Anxiety issues we found a distinct connection. CBD is able to lower the release of the stress hormone ‘cortisol’ into our system. It also has a therapeutic effect on our ability to produce serotonin. CBD can, therefore, be used as a supplement to treat high levels of anxiety.

Now: an overwhelming number of insomnia cases stem from anxiety. It is a common human trait to not be able to sleep the night before a big exam, or before giving a speech. It is also becoming more common for the parts of your brain that produce your fear response to become over-stimulated. More and more people are lying awake at night when there is no big test or speech.

What we are trying to say is that if your insomnia is down to anxiety, then the answer is a firm yes. Supplementing with CBD was found to decrease anxiety and cortisol levels in your brain. The scientific precedent for this has been set already (see this study, in the Permanente Journal of medicine). This second study in the same publication (2016) additionally investigated CBD oil as a treatment for PTSD related insomnia and found it successful.

However – not all insomnia is down to anxiety… so further inspection was needed.

Non-Anxiety Related Insomnia and CBD Oil Supplements

Some sources claim that CBD can be used to treat insomnia in patients without any other affected disorders. However, insomnia as a stand-alone condition doesn’t happen often enough to warrant the same studies that other disorders do. Rather, insomnia is treated as a side-effect of a wider issue, making it hard to pin down.

Some other causes of insomnia include too much stimulant (caffeine or other drugs), medications disturbing your sleep cycle, pain, or there being something wrong with where or how you are sleeping. We know from past blogging experience that CBD oil can be a great supplement to aid against chronic pain… so that narrows down the causes a little more.

2014 study into Parkinson’s Disease found something interesting. CBD had a blanket (excuse the pun) effect across all four patients surveyed. When REM sleep kicked in and they started to experience behaviour disorders that woke them up; CBD would swoop into action. There was a dramatic improvement in insomnia in all four patients.

The Conclusion

Given the evidence listed so far, and given what we know about the neuroprotective properties of CBD oil; it is fair to say that it is an effective supplement in the treatment of insomnia. Since we do all have different brain chemistry, this shouldn’t be an umbrella statement. It will help some more than others.

Arguably, the only way to find out if it will work to help you or not is to try some for yourself to find out. That part – we can help with! Visit the Chill Brother catalogue and have a look at some of our high quality, high concentration CBD oil products. Today might be the first step in a road to better health.

Cannabidiol (CBD) — what we know and what we don’t
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