Fully Vegan CBD Gummies

Fully Vegan CBD Gummies

Like all good things on this planet a little goes a long way.

Chill Brother do a range of fully vegan CBD gummies that any nature lover would be sceptical of – until they saw the ingredients. The setting agent (that would normally be gelatine) is pectin. This is the same stuff they use to set jam with and is actually naturally present in most wild fruits in high enough quantities that you don’t need to add any extra reagent to make it brick-like.

The vegan gummies are not brick-like, just so we are clear. They’re chewy and sweet and you need to keep them on a high shelf, out of reach of little fingers, specifically because of this. They’re moreish. They’re tasty. They look like gummy bears… They also come in a variety of bright colours to make them even more appealing. But please: limit yourself to no more than ten a day.

Chill Brother Pure Vegan Gummies – What’s in Them?

So – your investment in some fully vegan CBD gummies gets you 300 mg of gummy goodness. Something around 15 gummies but don’t quote me on that (because I ate them before I thought to count… seriously, need to keep track of the “no more than ten” thing). Each brightly coloured bear is stacked full of 20mg of CBD.

The gummie goodness doesn’t stop there. Since they use pectin as their setting agent these are vegan friendly. What else is in them? Nothing bad. OK so there’s a fair amount of sugar but I think that’s a plus. If you didn’t like the taste of CBD, then the sugar is kind of crucial to hiding it. It’s that ingredient that makes you want to scoff the lot in one go, though. You have been warned.

Other ingredients include:

  • Turmeric – you may have heard a lot about it in recent years due to its use in Ayurvedic medicine. It soothes inflammation, which compliments CBD’s ability to soothe inflammation, and has other benefits.
  • Black carrot concentrate – chock full of antioxidants, Vitamin A and selenium. They are also thought to be anti-microbial.
  • Apple, orange, lemon, pineapple, strawberry ad blackberry concentrates and fruit juices.
  • Two more types of sugar in case we didn’t get enough.
  • Acid and acidity regulators, both occur in nature and sound potentially worse than they are.
  • Paprika extract – a lot of dishes use paprika for the lovely red colouring it gives. It’s also full of Vitamins E and A, iron and carotenoids.
  • Spirulina – which you may also have heard about recently. It is a nutrient dense super-food that helps vegans get plenty of Vitamin E. This particular vitamin is usually found in meats and is hard to come by in a vegan diet. Spirulina is an algae so it is vegan friendly.

Basically, the ingredients predominantly feature things we should all be trying to eat more of, not less of. Plus CBD.

The Verdict

I’m not going to bang the drum about health benefits and I’m not going to convince you they’re not psychoactive (they’re not, by the way), I’m just going to link to some other Chill Brother blogs so you can get the information you need, if you would like to read more.

What I am going to say is definitely buy yourself some gummies as a treat that is probably better for you than chocolate. It fills the need for something sweet and you can’t have more than a few at a time so it limits you. As an added bonus you get clearer skin, a better sleep and more natural nutrients all in one vegan CBD gummie-shaped treat.

They’re yummy gummies. I’m pretty sure you will enjoy them, too.

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