How I Used CBD to Treat Depression (and PTSD)

CBD oil is not a supplement to be used instead of regular medication. It has been designed to be used as a complimentary supplement. We would never suggest you bypass scientifically devised anti-depressants in favour of any supplement. Now that we have the medical jargon out of the way, we can get down to the core of this blog post.

We asked some of the first buyers of our CBD Spray to give their thoughts on why they used Chill Brother products. The following is taken from one of their reviews and slightly adapted for blog purposes, with the buyer’s permission.

“Let’s be clear from the beginning. I am on a variety of medications that are all geared towards getting better. I undergo therapy, attend the GP regularly and jump through every medical hoop I need to, in order to get better.

Hi! I’m Katie, I supplement with CBD oil to manage my depression symptoms. I have had diagnosed depression for about ten years now. It comes from a rough childhood that left me with PTSD. The depressive episodes I get are a symptom themselves. Without going into detail let’s cut to the chase: how did I get on supplementing with CBD oil?

CBD Helps Depression

I arrived at Chill Brother almost by accident. I had previously used CBD oil that you can buy in most high-street chemists. It didn’t seem to be doing anything, so I didn’t bother again. I actually changed out to a Vitamin D spray (which really helped in the dark winter months). However, the vitamin D only does so much. You can take it and still fall into a depressive phase pretty easily. In my experience, anyway.

So I happened across an article about online CBD purity versus the over-the-counter stuff and I was really shocked. It turns out the store stuff can have less than 0.1% CBD in it! What’s the point? They’re charging a fortune in the chemist for this stuff! It was then I learned that if you are going to buy CBD in the UK you should buy it online.

Anyway, without getting too far astray from the point… I found Chill Brother shortly after this and put my order in. I know CBD still gets a lot of stigma surrounding it but hell… I have tried everything. I’ve had three bouts of CBT therapy, two psychiatrists, a counsellor –  when none of them worked I tried Reiki, went to a hypnotherapist and turned to healing crystals… when you have suffered from the numbness, horrible night terrors, mood swings, obsessions and phobias that I have? You are willing to try every single fad that exists. If even one of them gave my five minutes peace it was worth the extra time, money or effort.

So as you can imagine, by the time I tried CBD oil I was at the end of my tether. I have been for some time now. I have often found myself contemplating the end. I’ve been down that road so often I went and got a semi-colon tattooed on me to remind me to stay here. Given that CBD oil from the local chemist had been rubbish, my expectations were low. However, the internet maintained that CBD helps depression so I gave it a second go.

I usually finish up taking the vitamin D in late February. I don’t notice much difference with it after that. So since I had just switched out the vitamin D I switched in my CBD Oil. I have spray CBD since I use spray Vit D. They actually taste kind of similar. I think they must put a lemony scent in both.

CBD Spray Dosage for Depression

I’m small and skinny, so I only ever take a single skoosh of any mouth spray. You just use it like you would use a breath spray. It probably doesn’t do much for your breath but, as I said, it tastes all right. You aim for the back of your throat and give it a pump. I reckon if I was bigger or taller, I would take two or maybe three.

So I replaced my Vitamin D spray with a spray of CBD first thing in the morning. I keep it beside the kettle, so I don’t forget. Then I just go about my day.

So the first day I took it I didn’t notice anything at all. Things were totally the same. I’m not daft though and I know these things take time. So I carried on – and I haven’t stopped taking it since.

What Symptoms Does CBD Spray Treat?

First thing I noticed was sleeping. I could sleep all the night through. It sounds like the silliest little thing… but I used to have repetitive anxiety dreams, all night through. It would be things like – I was moving to a new house in an hour and nothing was packed up or cleaned. I’d spend all night and all the next day with the lingering feeling of pressure on my shoulders. CBD oil definitely helped my insomnia… if you can call it that.

The second thing I noticed was my skin. I know this isn’t a symptom of depression (at least I don’t think so) but I was less grey. I felt less grey. Just, like my complexion wasn’t as dull? My skin was less prone to acne which, working in kitchens, I get really, really bad acne. Thirdly? Appetite. I lived on ramen but I’m now a veggie lover. I can feel my body craving the vitamins… but maybe that’s because I stopped taking Vit D for now.

So the last two weeks, after taking CBD for nearly a month, I feel more prepared. I can’t say that I don’t have the occasional stabbing bad thought, or that I don’t still be motivated problems. What I do have now is a better attitude? I guess. It’s like the difference between completing an assault course when you have had no sleep and haven’t eaten in a week and doing the same assault course with a fresh head and a full stomach. Now I eat, I sleep, I have a bit of exercise every day. Before? Not so much.

I think CBD helps treat the symptoms of depression and PTSD because it makes you more rested. When you are rested, when you are eating properly and have a bit more get-up-and-go, you’re able to fight the depression on a more level playing field. You don’t feel beat down all the time. I can’t even express how much that helps.”

K.C Crawford, Verified Customer.

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