How long does CBD stay in our system?

I have based my answer on if you are using a CBD Oil as an example.  It would typically stay in your system for anything up to a week.  With this in mind, you would have to avoid taking any of these products if you are due to have a drugs test within the 7-10 days after starting your treatment.

The reason for this, is although CBD products are legal, and designed to include very small traces of THC, there is no guarantee that there will be 0%.

Even if there are traces of THC, it will be far too low to have any mental or physical effect, but can still interfere with testing. 

It is important to mention, that you would have to consume a large amount of CBD for there to be enough THC to cause a false positive, and if in doubt, it is worth mentioning this to the person performing the test if it is crucial for you to take the CBD prior.

I have highlighted some important factors to consider.

  • CBD remains in the body for various amount of times depending on several factors
  • It has been proven that traces were found in the blood three to five days based on daily consumption
  • Taken under the tongue will enter your bloodstream quicker than ingestion
  • In most cases, not all, CBD will probably lead to a positive drug test result
  • If you prefer to avoid the CBD showing up, look for an oil that contains pure CBD.
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